Production Minds Beta Preview

For the last month I’ve been beta testing some new software that for those who are in production, especially pre-production, I think will fall in love. It’s called Production Minds Platform and it’s designed to create, organize and unleash your production project. I’m working on a low budget short film with writer/director David Wilkinson so I thought it was a perfect project to test out the software.

After having the chance to get my feet wet with the software I asked the guys at PM if I could do a little preview video. I knew others would be just as excited as I am about the release of this software. They agreed.

I haven’t been able to utilize all of the features as we’re still in the middle of creating the short film. But as you will see, the software is a tool that you have with you from idea all the way to the first shoot day. The further along you get in creating the production, the more features you will use.

Ok, I’ll stop typing and let you get to watching. Couple of things first: I am sick so I don’t sound my best – I’m on medication so I’m a little flighty with my thought process, sorry if I ramble – and last… follow these guys on Twitter and Facebook and stay up to date, I know you will want this software the day it releases! Ok, now click play! :)

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