Maine Media Filmmaking Workshops

I just want to talk briefly but highly of Maine Media College and specifically their filmmaking workshops. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop last year and I can’t say enough on how beneficial just one class was to take for my career.

Last year I made it a goal to become more confident in my lighting skills. I definitely felt like I had the basics of lighting and even a little more complex set lighting skills under my belt. But I never felt confident about how I lit my productions and some times it was trial and error.

So when I found out about Maine Media College and the filmmaking workshops, I was elated to discover they had a course on lighting for feature films. I knew this was the perfect course for me to strengthen my lighting skills and have the knowledge and confidence to take with me onto any production.

Most workshops are one week long and range from beginning to expert level. They have many workshops for all areas of tv and film production. I was surprised how small the campus felt once I arrived in Rockport but at the same time, it felt comfortable and very few distractions. So I have to say the small campus feel allowed me to concentrate on learning and not have my attention drawn away by the setting. But mind you, the area is very beautiful and definitely represents the picturesque New England coastal region!

There is a casual feel to the experience yet the staff are very professional! In my case, the original instructor was suppose to be gaffer Mo Flam. However, his schedule would allow him to instruct the class so cinematographer Jacek Laskus ASC filled in. The staff notified all the class members in advance to our arrival so not be surprised the first day.

I’m hoping to get back soon. This year my schedule didn’t allow me to take another course but its been interesting to find out how many people in the industry have taken their workshops. And not just one class but many people have taken several! The history and longevity of the Maine Media workshops is outstanding and I encourage you, if you’re serious about taking your skills to the next level, you must check out their workshops! The cost, considering what you learn, is not very expensive and from personal experience, is worth every penny!

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If you’ve attended a Maine Media filmmaking class, please, comment on your experience. Would love to hear how the workshops have benefitted you!

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