Documentary Filmmaking with the Canon C300

Here is a wrap up video to show how I used the Canon C300 on my latest documentary feature film ‘Becoming Fools’ with director Scott Moore and the Athentikos team.

A couple of corrections: First, I need to add to the thanks I gave on the video Matt Huesmann who let me borrow his C300 for the video (woops, missed a huge “thank you” there… sorry Matt!)! Second, I said there were 3 “stops” of ND filters built into the camera. What I meant to say was 3 “steps” of ND. Giving you 3,6 and 9 f-stops of filtering. And third, I missed the 14mm Canon L lens as one of the lenses we used during production.

This video gives some details on what we used to shoot the film, how I used the C300 during the production and some example footage from the camera. The footage from the C300 has not been fully colored but for this video I did do some simple 1st passes to even out levels and to mainly give Adobe Speedgrade a try as I am testing options for coloring the actual film.

Some people and companies I’d like to recognize for both the video and the production of Becoming Fools:
Michael Costanza and AC Inc Nashville
Matt Huesmann
Chris Kearns at SmallHD
Chris Beller at Kessler Crane (shipping to Guatemala worked!)
Scott and Amelia Moore
Tyler Bradley
Matt Eldredge
Brandon Rojano
Dave Sienstra
Hubert Bendfeldt Vasquez
Luis “Mono” Carlos Najera

Twitter: @MarkoVisual @Athentikos #BecomingFools

If you wish to view the test footage I posted of the C300, check it out here.

To view the videos on using a DSLR for Documentary filmmaking, check those out here!

Have you used the Canon C300 on a documentary? What was your experience using the camera?

Documentary Filmmaking with the Canon C300

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