Alex Buono from SNL Talks Cinematography

Filmmaker Magazine recently put out an article featuring some topics that Alex Buono, cinematographer from Saturday Night Live, spoke about at a Boston, MA event. He was to give a presentation on the Canon C300 and while doing so, touched on some other topics:

Alex offered the following advice about shooting with any digital camera, whether the Alex, the C300 or a DSLR: “You still have to be really careful when you’re in a high contrast situation. You can’t shoot it like you could a film camera, which has got that beautiful analog roll off. I’m still watching my waveform monitor very, very closely. I’m watching my meters, and I’m adding a lot of fill if I have to[…] and I under expose to keep detail.”

I will be giving my own personal review of the C300 soon. I had the opportunity use it in Guatemala filming my second documentary but until then you can read the full post of this interview here.

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