2012 FPU Highlight Reel

Well here it is, I’ve been talking about what I couldn’t show for several months and now that it’s been announced, I can finally show some pieces of the new Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. I won’t go into great detail because there’s too many! But if you want a “behind the scenes” look at what went into this, check out a video I did a month ago on using the RED cameras for this production: https://vimeo.com/39990059

There are 9 videos in all for the series and each one has an intro such as what you see in the beginning. Out of the 9 we had to shoot 5 specifically for the new series in which 4 of them were shot in 3 days! How’s that for numbers! :)

For both the production and BTS we used a variety of cameras from the REDs, Sony F3, to GoPro, DSLR cameras, we also used the Kessler Crane Stealth slider with the Elektra drive motion system. We pulled everything out on this whole production (within budget of course) and I couldn’t be more happier in the results!

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